Nicolette started Early Records to release music by original pop artists who don't fit the norm.
Early Records exists so you can all enjoy pop music that doesn't follow the rules! 😉

Early Records' definition of pop is simply music that's catchy, so Early Records releases upbeat, original pop music from all over. This includes Nicolette's music of course, and the good news is that Nicolette's new EP, "Modern Stories", is out now!. A precursor to her upcoming new album, the EP consists of 6 tracks: 2 laid-back, contemplative acoustic tracks: "Rond", and "The Infinite", 3 fabulous Electronica mixes of "Fascination", (a track from the new album) and a trippy mix of the song "Guru" (fans will know the original track; this mix is a really interesting take on it). Listen to/watch/buy the songs and videos below or visit our media section. Enjoy! 😊

"Fascination" (MaJiKer Mix)

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